The Big Cat Programme

Our exclusive copyright awards programme to monitor
progression, values and skill in an exciting and innovative way.

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We start our big cat journey after cubs (pre-school and foundation) in Year 1. There is maximum running around and burning of all that energy with the very latest games, activities and skills.

During Year 2 there are significant steps which will develop passing skills on the move, learning to attack, moving forward with purpose whilst avoiding a defender by using a variety of strategies. FUN is the most important factor, will before skill.

The beginning of Key Stage 2 and Year 3 the skills, progressions and values of TAG (non-contact) rugby are put to the full. Key tactical planning of attack and defence and putting them into practice are essential.

Year 4, is probably the most exciting time in the big cat journey as children who are eight years of age on 31st August can begin contact rugby. They will be confident runners, catchers, passers and most importantly learn to tackle for the first time. Gum shields are mandatory at this stage.

During Year 5, the principles of the tackle should be mastered. They will be progressively competent with the core skills and be able to maintain a level of performance through being appropriately fit. They will be able to explain the Principles of Play and demonstrate: Go forward and support, Continuity and pressure, Support, Communication and Contest possession in a variety of game and practice situations.

During Year 6, self-reflection and providing feedback on their own and team performances. Skills will be more complex with wrist, spin, pop, and off-load passes, to kick a grubber, punt and cross-kick, as well as receive soft hands, targets, high and low ball. At this stage quickly adapting to changes in the game situation and maintaining the correct body position in a ruck and maul are essential.