The Big Cat Programme!

We use our exclusive Big Cat Programme to monitor
progression in an exciting and innovative way.

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We begin the rugby journey here with year 1 where your child learns to listen carefully and follow instructions, to play games and change direction, dodge, jump and perform a single skill with control, to pass the ball accurately to a partner and receive a pass.

During year 2, your child will learn basic spatial awareness, identify where space is and run into it, as well as taking actions to get the ball into space. They will develop passing skills on the move and learn to attack and move forward with purpose whilst avoiding a defender by using a variety of strategies.

When your child reaches year 3 they will understand how to play fairly, respect and play by simple rules and accept decisions, be confident and keen to try new skills and demonstrate to others. They will be able to catch and pass in one movement whilst running. As well as, suggest tactics of attack and defence and putting them into practice.

In year 4, they will become a team player, take turns, share and show empathy. They will run, catch, pass and learn to tackle. They will be able to describe what they have performed, why something is good and what leads to team /individual improvement. Your child will be competent at catching, making a target and calling for the ball even on the move.

On reaching year 5, your child will demonstrate a strong foot position and understand and apply the Tower of Power. They will be competent at sustaining running, jumping, throwing and catching and maintain a level of performance through being appropriately fit. They can explain the Principles of Play and demonstrate: Go forward and support, Continuity and pressure, Support, Communication and Contest possession in a variety of game and practice situations.

In year 6, your child will self-reflect and provide feedback on their own and team performances. Skills are more complex with wrist, spin, pop, and off-load passes, to kick a grubber, punt and cross-kick, as well as receive soft hands, targets, high and low ball. They will adapt quickly to a changes in a game situation and maintain the correct body position in a ruck and maul.