PE Curriculum!

Roaring Rugby specialises in teaching rugby union PE into primary schools in the UK.
We award success and monitor progress through our exclusive Big Cats Programme.

PE Lessons!

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

What are we trying to achieve?

    •  Emphasising the importance of play rather than the ability to perform
    •  Recognising there is a position for girls and boys equally and the importance of the social aspect of all sport
    •  Encouraging participation in all sports and activities not just rugby
    •  Developing independent learning, confidence & self esteem
    •  Celebration of success and progression through branded awards

PE Lessons

Roaring Rugby specialises in teaching rugby union PE into primary schools in the UK. Our programmes are all award based with certificates presented to every child based on their participation, motivation and skill levels at the end of each programme in assembly. In this way excellence is celebrated and children’s self-esteem and confidence in PE increased. Children get very excited about Roaring Rugby and see the awards as achievable, great fun and very motivational.

Our awards have been tried and tested in primary schools in South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire over two whole academic years. The feedback from head teachers has been extremely positive with both schools looking to embed the programme further for the 2013/14 academic year.

Roaring Rugby works in partnership with the whole school and has incorporated OFSTED’s recommendations of excellent practice as outlined in ‘Beyond 2012 – outstanding physical education for all’ into its sessions

What’s involved?

Progression over the whole academic year allowing real development and achievement with activities and games embedded in sufficient depth for the children to actually enjoy them without moving on prematurely.

Every child is given the chance to lead through captaincy of team based games giving them vital confidence and leadership skills.

Coaches are RFU level 1 and/or 2 licensed with proven programme plans which bring relevance and up to date core and specific subject knowledge.

Accurate and simple to understand assessment sheets for teachers with a clear personalised learning experience for children where challenge is given to all equally but at the same time allows able pupils to aspire to greater levels of success.

Through quick, busy and well planned sessions personal fitness is driven through stimulating and structured warm-ups into the right balance of rest and activity throughout the sessions.

Strong leadership and management which enhances professional development and training of teachers and coaches with increased subject leaders’ knowledge and understanding of evasive sport, games and activities.

Proven and adaptable resources to suit the individual needs of obese pupils and engage with parents and carers to improve the lifestyle of these pupils.

Self-evaluation, action-planning and curriculum development is continuous as we deliver each session. All the awards are fine-tuned from feedback, delivery and listening to teachers and children so they become an industry leader.

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"There were children of varying skill levels and ages ranging from under 7 to under 12, and despite this, Roaring Rugby were able to put together a meaningful, fun packed program the children loved and parents felt they got excellent value for money."

− Steve Allen, Head of Mini Section Salisbury RFC

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Roaring Rugby as the children love coming to the sessions and parents have been incredibly supportive of this initiative. Chris’s infectious enthusiasm, amiable nature and highly motivating inclusive coaching style have been huge factors in the success of Roaring Rugby"

− Jeff Staton, Headteacher of Malmesbury C of E Primary School

"I would firstly like to thank you and your team for giving my son the opportunity to have a taster of rugby through the roaring rugby camp at Chipping Sodbury RFC. He enjoyed learning new things and was just as excited to go on day 2 than he was on day 1! "

− Tracey Brooker, Parent

"My grandson’s joined Roaring Rugby at Crudwell C of E Primary School, they say it's the best fun they have ever had, and I love going to watch them, the children are so enthusiastic and keen to join in, so it must be brilliant fun for them. Well done, Coach"

− Noelle Hulle, Grandparent

"Elliot loves Roaring Rugby. A great environment for not only learning great rugby skills, but also respect and teamwork. What’s not to like?"

− Gill Webb, Parent

Please feel free to contact us about Roaring Rugby, whether you’re a parent interested in signing up your child or a teacher looking to get involved. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join the Roaring Rugby team, if you think you’d be right for us, send your CV to us right away.

Phone: +44 (0) 7867 317 206 Write to us: Unit 123 The Citadel Business Centre Bath Road Chippenham Wiltshire Sn15 2AB

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